Tuesday, 29 May 2012

rebuilding old bridges

Yesterday I had such a good day that I forgot to write. Oh well, I think my favourite moment from Sunday was a three or four way tie anyway. Let's see if I can remember. There was:

-watching Isaac take almost every single item out of a box, exploring each one as he went
-making up with Sean after a fight
-Sean whispering to me when all three of us were in bed, "Isaac keeps licking me." Oh, that son of ours. Life will never be boring with him around.

Though yesterday was an all-around good day, I think my favourite moment was reading an email from an old friend from whom Sean and I had been kind of estranged. I won't go into details, but reconciliation and peace are beautiful things. It's no fun having someone out there who you think has some reason to resent you. It's great, on the other hand, to reconnect with someone to find that there are no hard feelings.

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