Wednesday, 23 May 2012

favourite moments

I've decided to try each day to find and write about a favourite moment. I know, I know, sometimes those kinds of blogs make me want to puke too. I'm not doing this to brag about my perfect life with my perfect family (cough cough); rather, I hope that taking the time each day to think of the good/funny/beautiful things that happen will help me find joy amid the frustrations of unpacking, organizing and renovations. It's more like an exercise in cheerfulness than anything else. 

So, here goes. My favourite moment of yesterday was Sean and Isaac forehead to forehead screaming at each other. This may sound odd but Isaac has entered a screaming phase lately (mostly happy screams). He is definitely determined to push his voice to its highest decibel. He has also been trying out different kinds of screams. There's the full-on shriek. Or a more throaty yell, with almost a hint of a growl. Or, one of my personal favourites, the puppy-like yelp. While this habit can be annoying (like today in the library) and more than a little grating on the ears, it's also pretty funny. Sometimes we scream back at him, and he thinks that's pretty cool. Hence, yesterday's moment: Sean and Isaac with their faces pressed close together screaming for the pure joy of it. I wish I had had a camera ready.

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