Thursday, 17 October 2013

pregnancy, birthday, and fall loveliness

Since my last post, I've started three different posts and haven't had time or energy to finish them.  I'm determined to actually get this one published.

Life lately has involved a lot of ups and downs. I'm feeling very large and pregnant. My back aches more or less most of the time and I really have to watch what I do or it can get a lot worse very quickly. Some days I've just felt too tired to do anything. I just found out that my iron is low so hopefully the supplements I'm taking will help with my energy levels a little.

The week leading up to Isaac's birthday was stressful and exhausting, even though the plan was to keep things as simple as possible. Isaac hasn't been sleeping the greatest and for some reason I was obsessing over making the perfect birthday cake. After a couple setbacks I finally finished it and was just able to enjoy my little man on his big day. In the morning we played with balloons, and made paper party hats while watching his favorite show in the whole wide world (a nature special on crocodiles). Then we went to the park and spent time in the backyard blowing bubbles. In the afternoon a few family members came over to celebrate with presents, pizza and cake. Simple as this was, it was more than enough to give Isaac the wonderful day he deserves. Fortunately, I was able to let go of the stress I'd been feeling and just enjoy the chance to spoil my little man (who is officially no longer a baby by the way! *sniff*).

Since then we've just been enjoying this gorgeous fall weather. I'm still tired and uncomfortable but I think that as my due date approaches (just over a month to go!) I'm better able to deal with it because I know that it will be over soon and I'll have a sweet little babe in my arms to show for it.

Our little gardener picked a cucumber, the only thing that grew in our too-shady garden this year.
The birthday boy. Where did the last two years go? Sometimes I feel like I signed up to have a baby and now, all of the sudden, I have to raise a child! I guess we'll just have to keep learning as we go along.
Checking out his new toys. A set of construction vehicles were among the favorites.
After quite the struggle, I was actually pretty pleased with how the cake turned out.
Isaac was already on sensory overload after opening presents so he wasn't too sure what to do when presented with his cake. He knows now. Whenever we talk about birthdays he always mentions, "cake" and goes "ffew" blowing out the imaginary candles.
Have I mentioned that this is the nicest October I can remember? We've been outside almost everyday with nothing but long sleeves or maybe a light jacket. (The pink and purple bike belongs to his cousin Lucia. He doesn't seem to mind the colours.)
We found this wagon at a yard sale and it was an instant hit. When Lucia climbed in Isaac started taking her for a ride all by himself.
I love our DSLR camera. We're no photographers but it was definitely worth the money.
With this lovely weather we've been spending a lot of evenings in the backyard and barbecuing supper. One of Isaac's favorite new pass times is digging in the garden with Daddy (Mommy's back isn't up for much digging).
And what better to dig for in a garden than worms? As you can see, he's thrilled to be holding his "big" worm. He always tries to feed animals (grass, rocks, whatever's handy) so he was happy when we told him that worms eat dirt, so now he can always feed the ones that he finds.

Part of what made Isaac's birthday stressful is that we're also doing some renovations (and by we I mean Sean is working while I try to keep Isaac from getting killed). We've been meaning to work on the kitchen since we moved here and we realized that if we don't get it done before the baby's born it might never happen. So Sean's been busy working on the cupboards and painting and there's nothing Isaac likes better than "helping" Daddy.
35 weeks! I definitely got bigger more quickly with this pregnancy but I don't think I'm quite as huge now as I was with Isaac. I guess I still have a month and some to grow.  It's been so long since I posted that I feel like I could keep writing and writing, but I think I'll sign off for now. We're very proud of our two year old and very excited to meet his little sister! Please keep our family in your prayers as we continue to get ready for baby.


  1. Yeah, so excited for you guys. The Baby is getting so big! can't wait to meet her. Sorry we missed Isaac's Birthday. :(


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  3. I loved this post, Steph! I can't believe how Isaac's features are changing, especially in the close-up picture with the striped shirt. He is definitely a little boy now! I can totally relate with the stupid birthday cake stress... why are we mothers so concerned? You look great! Love and prayers for you in this last month!

    1. I think the cake was more about my vanity than anything else haha. Isaac wouldn't have cared as long as it was sweet. Thanks for the prayers! They are definitely appreciated!

  4. The cake is amazing, I am very impressed. I went all out on the cake for Mary's 2nd birthday and it didn't turn out nearly as well. I ended up making it a few days before the party and I froze it. It was decorated with jelly beans and when I defroseted it the color leaked off the jelly beans and all over the white icing :P

    Sorry to hear you have been so tired. Have you had your B12 levels checked? Mine was low and I was tired all the time...basically woke up tired in the morning. The B12 has made a HUGE difference. I still get tired but it is normal pregnancy tiredness, running out of energy rather than never having any energy.

    Good Luck with the last five weeks and the renovations. I'll be keeping you in my prayers :)

    P.S~ don't forget to eat lots of red meat and take your iron after the baby is born. You will bounce back much faster (you bounce back faster after baby number two anyways, all of my mommy friends agree)