Tuesday, 20 August 2013

mostly pictures

This spring/summer has been surprisingly photogenic for our family, so I thought I'd do a nice, lazy, picture-full post. Here's one of my favourite family photos. We were all dolled up for a friend's wedding in May.

These pictures are only from May but Isaac is already looking older!

Random photos from July:

Did I say photogenic? I must have been thinking of another word...

Waiting for the ferry to take us to our cottage on Manitoulin Island, where we would meet up with my parents, my brother and his family!

At Bridal Veil Falls on Manitoulin. Baby is approximately 24 weeks at this point.

Here's a picture where you can actually see the Falls.

The boy is a mover. He apparently decided to go for a walk by himself, since his elders were taking too long staring at the water.

There were many more highlights of the trip and many more pictures I could post, but Isaac will wake up pretty soon so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. Expect a wordier post soon; I can feel one brewing!


  1. Oh, Steph, these are so great! Isaac is such a cutie. I miss you guys. And I think I owe you an email.

  2. I can't even handle the cuteness! He is certainly becoming a man! And Isaac is growing up too! :)